You’ve been doing this for awhile and you know you’re legit. Now, you need to upgrade to a site that is as professional as you are.

You’ve fought hard to be where you are now, running your 6 and 7 figure business, hiring a team, fielding interview requests and becoming the definitive leader in your industry.

You are busy and you need a no-nonsense, done-for-you site. Done right the first time and ready to launch on time.

You have spent a lot of time and energy investing in yourself, your business and your services and you’re NOT looking to hand hold a designer while they refresh your site. 

You need a true professional who can come to the table with you to take your brand and business to the next level.

You’ve come to the right place.



  • A site designed to CONVERT. More than just a pretty design, we'll utilize my signature framework developed over 10 years to give your website and brand instant credibility and make you more money.
  • A beautiful, fully functional new website that you’ll be pumped to send to prospective new clients AND potential new hires
  • A mobile-first design that will look killer even on a tiny phone screen
  • A professional brand that is authentically *YOU* and reflects your expertise in your field. All built on an easy to use dashboard so your team can easily update the site for you as your business evolves
  • Optional monthly site maintenance, giving you total peace of mind that someone else is handling the techy details and letting you focus on growing your business




  • Custom Brand Questionnaire to help you gain clarity in your brand goals
  • 3 primary logo designs to choose from (square and banner variations)
  • Alternate logo
  • Favicon logo
  • Tagline Design
  • 3 Fonts (Accent, header and body)
  • 2 Mood Boards to choose from
  • 3 Brand Patterns
  • 6 Custom Brand Icons
  • 2 Color Palettes to choose from
  • Complete Branding Style Guide (includes main logo, secondary logo, sub mark, color palette, 3 fonts, 3 patterns and 6 icons)
  • Custom Banners for all main website pages
  • Brand Photography retouching for page banners
  • 3 Custom service offering graphics
  • Email Signature Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Newsletter Template Design


  • Home Page
  • Product Launch Landing Page
  • About Page
  • Services Page
  • Client Love Page
  • Blog Page (including existing blog migration)
  • Booking/Calendar Page
  • Contact Page
  • Custom Coming Soon page
  • Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer Pages
  • Email Sign up Thank You Page
  • Up to two unique pop-up or embedded opt-in forms connect to your email list builder
  • Basic SEO set-up
  • Mobile and tablet optimization
  • (12 Website pages are tailored to your individual business needs)
  • Automatic backup software installed tocreate daily backups of your site and store them in the cloud of your choice


  • Domain Name & Hosting setup and training (the digital address for your website)
  • Integration with Email list builder (Convertkit, Mailchimp etc.)
  • Sitewide Copy proofreading
  • 90 minute Website kickoff Strategy Session
  • Unlimited support via email while we work together to build your site
  • 2 Weeks of Post-launch Unlimited Email support
  • 60 minute 1:1 LIVE video training session
  • Custom Video and PDF tutorial so you know exactly how to navigate, create, and manage content on your site with ease


We’ll spend 8 weeks working together to craft your brand & website

WEEK 1: Developing your site Strategy

We'll spend the first week working together to strategize the brand, copywriting and layout for your website. This intentional planning will set you up for success in your business.

We’ll jump on the phone and strategize about your new brand! You’ll complete a brand survey and make a Pinterest board (everyones favorite part). 

Customize our plan for what pages you need on your site and all the elements to go along with it like header images and testimonials.  

I’ll guide you through my signature framework for creating content and copywriting for your site that will get clients banging down your door to work with you

We’ll review our work so far and finalize the layout for your site.

WEEK 2: Brand Inspiration

Establishing the tone of your new brand will ensure it PERFECTLY represents you online.

We’ll review 2 mood board + color palette options created using inspiration from your Pinterest board Website Inspiration Homework. 

WEEK 3: Brand Development

Logo, fonts, colors, brand photography and all the design elements we'll need to make your site sparkle and shine.

I’ll send over 2 options for you to choose from for your logo and color palette based on your Mood Board and we’ll get branding!

Your main logo, logo variations, fonts, color palette and inspirational images all together in one neatly packaged page.

A beautiful and functional design for your Newsletter, Business Cards and PDF cover that matches your sparkly new brand so that you look LEGIT across ALL touch points with your clients. 

WEEK 4: Homepage Design

Your website is coming together!

I’ll send over a design mockup of your homepage and we’ll finalize all your site photography. We’ll also put up a custom branded Coming Soon page on your current website to get people excited for what’s to come.

WEEK 5: Building out your site!

Your website is coming together!

It’s happening! I’ll create a fully functioning demo version of your site to see all of your hard work in action.

WEEK 6: Build Website

Your website is coming together!

It’s happening! I’ll create a fully functioning demo version of your site to see all of your hard work in action.

WEEK 7: Final Website Revisions

We're on the home stretch now!

We’ll go through your entire site together and make sure everything is PERFECTION before getting ready for launch.

I’ll add ALL your existing blog posts and add up to 3 new blog posts for you so you can launch with new content.

WEEK 8: Go LIVE and Celebrate! 🥂

Your site goes live this Week! You'll get a customized teaching session and tutorial so you know exactly how to navigate, create, and manage content on your site with ease.

This is our time to go through your site together and teach you everything you need to know to update, add blog posts and swap out images. You’ll also get a PDF with step by step instructions and a video recording of our session to reference any time.

We’ll go through some basics for driving traffic to your site and *YOU* will do something amazing and fun to celebrate your launch and fabulousness.

We’ll check back in a week after your site is live to see if you need any final changes or advice on how to keep the train running. Congrats, you did it! 



Design can feel like another language. JPG, EPS, PNG? This guide will walk you through what file type to use for every part of your business. Making a t-shirt? Printing a poster? Just reference this PDF and you’ll know exactly which file to send along!


We all know a photo is worth a thousand words - this guide will show you some handy tips and tricks for choosing stock photos and planning a photoshoot to get the PERFECT images for your site.


Or 3 monthly payments of $3,600 

"Mel's designs vibe perfectly with her clients"

"Mel has a great eye for creating designs that work perfectly with the vibe of her clients. She has excellent range and the rare ability to utilize that range to make choices that fit seamlessly into the project she’s been hired onto. Top notch work!"
Lloyd Ahlquist
Digital Influencer

"Mel crafts unique and intuitive solutions"

“Mel is a keen designer with an astounding ability to find an elegant solution to the design problems I present her. She is professional and reliable with her work. Taking the time and care to study the world surrounding each project, she crafts unique and intuitive solutions that fit perfectly.”
Mary Doodles


First, click here and fill out the form to get in touch with me. From there, we’ll set up a complementary discovery call to explore what you’re looking to create and how we can best work together.

After that, I’ll send along a Work Agreement and an Invoice to hold your spot.

Then, you’ll get a Welcome Packet with instructions for how you can get started right away!

Absolutely! Fill out this form to get in touch and we’ll schedule a call. After deciding to work together, you can complete the Work Agreement and 25% deposit to hold your spot. 

We can work around your schedule and get started at any predetermined date in the future!

I specialize in working with online entrepreneurs who are looking to share their story online in service of others. This means I work with Coaches, Bloggers (Food, Yoga, Wellness), Authors, Speakers, Artists, Digital Influencers, Registered Dietitians, Chefs, Therapists, Lawyers and basically *anyone* building a brand online.

Still not sure? Click here to get in touch and we can hop on the phone to discuss if it’s a good fit!

Click here to view some of my favorite projects! No matter what your brand is we will find the perfect design for you. We can create anything you want for your brand and website – whether you are a CPA or a non-profit, we can develop custom branding that works for you.

I am usually booked out 4-6 weeks in advance.

I will contact you within 48 hours of receiving this contact form to schedule a free discovery call.

For FINAL FILES you will receive the main logo, secondary logo, icons and patterns in .jpg, .png (transparent background), and .eps. You will receive all logo variations in full color, black and white, banner and square. Fonts are not included.

You can pay in either one or three installments via credit card or Paypal. We’re happy to offer a payment option through PayPal credit so we can start working together right away. You pay nothing today. You have no payments and zero interest for 6 months. 

All my websites are built using WordPress with the GeneratePress theme and the Elementor page builder. 

The Pro versions of both GeneratePress and Elementor are included in your package at no extra charge.

All sites are fully customized using coding and design skills.

I recommend SiteGround for all hosting and domain needs, but can use whatever hosting you already have set up (Bluehost, GoDaddy etc.) 

I recommend ConvertKit for email marketing needs, but can work with whatever you already have set up (Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.)

For other softwares, we’ll use the ones you already have set up or I will recommend platforms based on your unique needs.

I use WordPress because it is the most powerful and flexible platform. I am able to take full advantage of the platform capabilities with my programming and coding knowledge.

There are plenty of other perfectly good platforms like Squarespace and Wix that are great for many different purposes. I prefer WordPress because I am an expert in this platform and my experience allows me to build you a perfectly customized site

Short answer, YES! WordPress is right for most small to medium sized businesses and online entrepreneurs. Don’t worry, my custom training video shows you why WordPress is your friend. It makes posting new content as easy as sending an email!

The only time I don’t recommend WordPress is if you want to create your site by yourself and you don’t have any experience. In that case, a drag and drop program like Squarespace or Wix will be best for you.

Having a website live on the internet comes with the following standard costs that are separate from the package above:

  1.  Domain: ~$12/year depending on your provider
  2. Hosting: ~$5-12/month depending on your provider
  3. Email Marketing: ~$0-30/month depending on your provider
  4. Calendar Booking: ~$0-30/month depending on your provider

Of course! I specialize in crafting your story into website and marketing copy that is raw, real and vulnerable. You will use my signature content development framework that helps you every step of the way to create copy for your site. This authentic approach is like a magnet for clients, which means more money for you!

I always recommend custom brand photography. Using photos of your smiling face on your website is the glue that will connect you to your audience. I provide a PDF with tips for getting the most out of your brand photographer, and in most cases I can recommend a photographer in your area to take the photos. 

If you *really* can’t get custom brand photos we will work together to select the best possible stock images for your site.  


Let’s create your money making brand and website together.


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