The Luxury Social Media Brand

The Luxury

Social Media Brand

Elevate your brand essence to embody your next level vibe

You are the Woman who wants it All
The Luxury  social media Brand Includes:

+ Elite Logo Uplevel:

Perfect For:

This is for the woman who’s ready to take her online brand to the NEXT LEVEL.

You’ve evolved like crazy and are playing in a completely new energetic field—

One of POWER, Magic, luxury, and high-end experiences

Now it’s time for your online brand to EMBODY your new vibe like never before.

THIS visual experience of you and your brand is what sets you apart in the industry– you go from being just another woman, to being THE ONE they have to have.

Ready to up level your brand? Choose your investment below.


10 days for The Luxury Social Media Brand

15 days for The Luxury Social Media Brand + Elite Logo Uplevel

***This is the timeline for queens who are on top of their ish and will reply to all communications within 24 hours. 


$888 The Luxury Social Media Package
$1888 The Luxury + Elite Logo Uplevel

Luxury  Banner Designs

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Meet Mel

My process involves going deep to get to know your world and your magic and then using my gift to intuitively create a brand for you that truly elevates your brand essence and embodies your next level vibe.

Through our work together, clients have had 6 figure launches, increased their revenue by 1000%, tripled their conversion rates and built the confidence, mindset, strategy and team necessary to run a successful business online.

I am here to help you get online quickly with designs that makes sales and get you results.

I’m here to empower you to uncover the best version of you that so that you can show up online fully in your power with kick ass branding.

Cuz girl let me tell you, it is a DREAM to be fully embodied in your branding & marketing.

This is the place where you get to break all the rules and FLY FREE with who you truly are (and make that $$ too, boo)

Let’s do this.

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$888 The Luxury Social Media Package
$1888 Elite Logo Uplevel