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Taking Root Client Case Study | Website & Brand Launch

Post Table of Contents

In this post we’ll be sharing the full case study for our Brand & Website Design client, Kate Cox, founder of Taking Root. We’ll provide a full overview of how our work helped Kate build the brand, website and business backend that provided the professionalism and systems she needed to launch their business with confidence.

About Taking Root:

Taking Root offers integrative health coaching from certified health coach, Kate Cox. Their mission is to guide clients on a holistic health journey to achieve lasting balance, vitality, & joy.

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn

“I set out to make a website and I ended up with a legit foundation for a successful business. I can’t thank you enough”

-Taking Root Founder Kate Cox

Scope of Work: The Taking Root Brand and Website launch was completed as part of our One Page Starter Brand & Website service. You can click here to learn more about that service and see if it’s a good fit for you and your business. 

Project Duration: We worked with Kate over a period of 2 months to conduct ideal client research, design and strategize her business backend systems, design her brand and develop and launch her website. Kate has continued to work with us on an ongoing basis by joining our Website Care Plans to protect her investment and ensure her website continues to run smoothly.

Kate’s Reason for Hiring Mel Judson Creative: Kate shared with us that part of her reasoning for choosing to hire our Agency for support was that because she’d spent her life as a corporate leader, she valued a professional presence and launching her business the right way was important to her. In her words she said “I love your work and the vibe you’ve outlined on your site.” Thank you for your kind words, Kate!

Our Recommended Tech Stack for Taking Root: 

  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Website Build: Elementor
  • Website Theme: GeneratePress
  • Website Hosting: Kinsta
  • Email List Building Software: ConvertKit
  • Calendar Booking: Acuity
  • Quiz Builder: Interact

Brand & Website Launch Date: May 2, 2023
All data and statistics updated in July, 2023

Part 1: Prior to our Work Together


  • Before working together, Kate formed her LLC and purchased her Domain name
  • She had her Health Coach Certification & Nutritionist Credentials
  • She had 23 years of experience as a corporate leader in the pharmaceutical industry
  • She was ready to strategically and professionally launch her online coaching business 

Kate came to us for support launching her new health and wellness business after a successful 23 year career leading people in the pharmaceutical industry. She wanted to attract her ideal clients by creating a look and feel that is representative of her voice. She also wanted to instill a feeling of inspiration and excitement with her brand that would inspire and empower people to see their wellness journey as a worthy journey to feeling amazing.

Although Kate had plenty of experience in the corporate world, she was new to online business and needed support with building out online systems to create a smooth client inquiry and onboarding experience. 

In addition to branding & website design, we worked with Kate to develop her ideal system for marketing, lead generation, client inquiries, and client onboarding.

Part 2: Results from our Work Together


Let’s eat our dessert first and see an overview of the results Taking Root achieved from working together as well as the assets she had for her business upon launching. The rest of the case study will break down exactly what we did to achieve these results.


  • CLIENT INQUIRIES: Began receiving ideal client inquiries immediately upon website launch
  • WEBSITE TRAFFIC: From 0 to 645 visits/month after only 60 days of launching a brand new business website
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Grew brand new Instagram account from 0 to 154 followers in only 60 days and regularly receives engagement and comments on posts
    • In the last 60 days since launch, Kate’s quiz has generated 34+ new email subscribers to her brand new email list without any paid advertising
    • 48% quiz completion rate – meaning nearly half of all people who start taking the quiz join the Taking Root email list
    • The quiz results allow Kate to segment her audience and deliver content customized to meet her audience exactly where they currently are in their journey to holistic health.


  • Professionally designed Brand Identity:
    • Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Logo Mark, Emblem, Favicon
    • Neutral Color Palette
    • Typography System for Headers, Subheaders, Body Text and Buttons
    • Curated Brand Imagery
    • 20 page Brand Guide to stay consistent and on brand with all marketing collateral

  • Fully Optimized WordPress Website:
    • Home Page
    • Blog Page
    • Blog Post Design
    • Instagram Link in Bio Page
    • Privacy Policy Page
    • Terms & Conditions Page
    • 404 Error Page
    • Search Page

  • Email List Building & Lead Generation System: 
    • Fully built out Quiz Funnel with automated email nurture sequence
    • Proven copywriting templates for email nurture sequences

  • Automated Client booking system:
    • Inquiries on website to receive qualified leads to send link to automated booking calendar
    • Now Kate can set her desired working hours and clients can automatically book in during those times, receive a confirmation email and a zoom link

  • Marketing Strategy:
    • Custom, branded social media templates designed in Canva
    • A blog page, blog post template design and strategy for blogging to increase SEO and generate organic (free!) traffic on Google

Part 3: Our Design Work Together: Behind the scenes of our signature design process creating the Taking Root Brand Identity

It was important to Kate that the brand and website evoke feelings of optimism and enthusiasm. She wanted her brand vibe to convey a blend of the pragmatic with the spiritual and deliver a promise of a better, more fulfilling way forward.

Her goals for the design were for it to feel natural, grounded, polished, and beautiful while instilling a sense of confidence and credibility. It was also very important to her to create a brand that she could scale by growing her team and expanding her offerings. 

We took Kate through our signature “Brand Discovery Process” where we began by mapping out the Mission Statement, Brand Values, Target Demographic and Brand Vibe for Taking Root as seen below:

Mission Statement: Empowering clients on their holistic health journey to achieve lasting balance, vitality, & joy.

Brand Values: 

Target Demographic: 

  • Individuals aged 35-55, mostly women
  • Educated, motivated jugglers of careers, families, relationships, health & age related concerns
  • Understands the importance of healthy habits but struggles to find the time or motivation
  • Know they want to experience more fulfillment, energy, vitality, joy, success
  • Inspired by holistic & mindful approach
  • Struggling with inflammatory related health conditions
  • Desiring lifestyle changes to improve disease & dysfunction e.g. chronic or autoimmune diseases, gut dysfunction, & hormonal imbalances.

ELEVATE SITE SHOP NOW OPEN done-for-you Luxury Wordpress Website Templates for online business owners

Brand Vibe:

Calming, Natural, Earthy, Inspiring, Minimal, Polished

Next, we created a mood board that aligned with the Brand Vibe designed to attract Taking Root’s ideal client. A mood board is an internal reference for your brand. It’s a way to create an initial visual direction for a brand and start to get an idea of the color palette, textures and types of images you’ll use for the brand and website development. You can click here to learn more about mood boards and how to create one for your brand.

Taking Root Mood Board:

After finalizing the mood board, we developed a color palette based on the colors in the mood board, the brand vibe and the client’s request for calming muted, monochromatic and natural colors.

A neutral color palette is a versatile and timeless choice for a brand like Taking Root, as it conveys a sense of sophistication, calmness, and reliability. 

Use of white as a clean and pure color that represents simplicity, openness, and honesty. 

Sage is a soft and subtle color that suggests balance, harmony, and neutrality. 

Beige is a warm and earthy color that evokes a sense of comfort, stability, and approachability. 

Dusk is a muted and sophisticated color that conveys elegance, maturity, and timelessness. 

Cloud is a soft and inviting color that exudes warmth, calmness, and serenity.

Taking Root Color Palette:

After developing the ideal neutral color palette to appeal to the target demographic and create a sense of calmness and trustworthiness, we began the logo suite design phase of the project.

Taking Root Logo Design

Kate knew she wanted her logo to capture a feeling of rooting down to rise up, and to visually represent the concept of “Taking Root” without being too literal. 

We created a typeface logo (words only, no icon or other design) for Taking Root and used the typography to creatively represent the feeling of rooting down. We selected a bold and easy to read font for the main logo typeface. The serifed font adds trustworthiness & credibility to the brand while the curved letters make the logo approachable and warm. 

The thin, curved lines bring contrast and variation to the bold typeface and lend an elegant, caring touch to the brand. 

To contrast the main font, we designed “Integrated Health Coaching” tagline using an all-capitalized,  minimalist, double spaced font. The tagline reads instantly to communicate the main value proposition of the brand. 

For the “Rooted Element,” the letters “n” and “g” are connected in a sweeping bottom curve that visually represents the concept of being rooted in, grounded and connected. 

Taken as a whole, this logo design is clean, professional, and approachable, creating the perfect inviting and calming vibe for Taking Root’s audience.

After the black and white version of the main logo was finalized, we then designed the logo in multiple different colorways using the brand color palette. This helps the branding start to take shape and shows how we can implement the logo design with the color palette on the website as well as on social media image designs.

After finalizing the main logo, we designed the rest of the logo suite. A brand consists of much more than just a logo, It’s important to have variations like an alternate logo, logo mark, emblem and favicon. This way, you have different versions of your brand that you can use in different places, like an icon in your browser tab, or a logo mark in your profile picture.

Here is the complete logo suite for Taking Root:

Once we have finalized the logo suite, it’s time to curate a set of typography to complement the logo designs. This is an important step that is often missed by DIYers and even some professional designers. In general, you don’t want to use the same fonts or typography design that you used in your logo for any of your other branding collateral like your website or social media posts. 

Using different (but complementary) fonts for your website and other branded materials is what helps your logo stand out as unique and feel exclusive. 

Typography design includes selecting fonts and determining the font style (regular, bold, italic) as well as font size and letter spacing. For Taking Root, we created a typography design system for Headers, Subheaders, Body text and button text.

Taking Root Typography Design:

After designing the color palette, logo suite and typography system, we get to put it all together into a handy one page brand overview where you can really see the brand start to take shape. In the brand board we also start to incorporate imagery and textures that we may consider using in the website design. 

For Taking Root, Kate shared with us that she loved the eucalyptus green color and what it represents, so we incorporated this with curated stock photos of eucalyptus, rather than using the color green itself in our neutral color palette. 

You can see how adding in photos of eucalyptus with the overall neutral color palette really ties it all together and grounds the brand in a feeling of calmness.

Taking Root Brand Board:

Personal Brand Photography & Stock Photo curation

We typically advise clients to wait until the Brand Identity has been finalized to schedule and plan their brand photoshoot. This is so that they can curate outfits, props, and locations that will align with their brand vibe. 

We provide clients with a brand photography guidebook that explains how to plan a personal brand photoshoot. The guidebook contains ideas for locations, outfits, accessories, and props, as well as how to plan out your poses and what types of photos are best for a website.

Kate provided us with beautiful personal brand images from her photoshoot and we custom curated stock images to align with her brand images.

Part 4: Website Design & Development

Like each phase of working together, the website design and development phase begins with strategy. Before any design can be added to the page, (the fun part!) we take time to strategize each and every piece of content on the website to make sure the client journey is smooth. 

In order to efficiently strategize websites, we create wireframe mockups of each page. Wireframes are functional mockups of websites to strategize layout and content placement before the design phase. They are simple, black and white, low-fidelity sketches of website layouts that do not contain any design elements such as fonts, colors or images.

The goal of the wireframes is for us to be able to quickly and easily edit the structure of a website before any design or content is applied so that we can design the user flow of the site.

Here is what our wireframe looked like for the Taking Root Home page:

Once we have the wireframes designed, we know exactly what content needs to be written for the website. So, we created a custom 30+ page copywriting guide for Kate to use as a template and a guide while she wrote her website copy. 

This copywriting guide includes prompts and strategies walking you through how to write copy for each section of your website. We provide examples of effective website headlines, about pages and more. The guide is organized to make it fast and easy to input website copy.

Once the website copy is complete, we are ready to design the website home page. We begin all projects with a home page design and create additional pages based on the design system established from the home page. 

The home page design is the first opportunity to bring everything together: the logos, the color palette, the typography design, the content strategy and the copywriting. 

After designing the home page, we go through 2 rounds of revisions where we tweak design elements and curate stock photos that perfectly align with the brand. 

Here is the final website design:

Website Handoff & Project Wrap Up

At Mel Judson Creative, we believe in empowering our clients to be able to use and update their websites themselves without having to wait for professional design support. While some of our clients choose to outsource their website maintenance and updates to our team of experts, we always deliver a suite of custom video tutorials and a Website Owner’s Manual to every one of our clients when we wrap up a project. 

We created a custom dashboard in the backend of the Taking Root website so that every time Kate logs in, she has an entire suite of 12+ customized videos tutorials showing her exactly how to edit all the content on her website. 

Now Kate can feel empowered to easily change images, update text, and add pages to her site all on her own and without requiring any coding knowledge.

We also created a handy 10 page Website Owner’s Manual containing all the information Kate needs to know to effectively run her website. This manual contains important information about her website tech setup, which paid software she is using, how to maintain her website to keep it running smoothly, as well as common questions to help troubleshoot any issues that may come up in the future.

Lastly, we delivered all of her branding assets organized into Google drive folders along with all the info she needs to purchase her fonts, access her Canva templates, and understand the different file types in her Brand Kit.  

This makes it super easy to refer back to your website launch materials for guidance for years after working together.

ELEVATE SITE SHOP NOW OPEN done-for-you Luxury Wordpress Website Templates for online business owners

Website Launch

We created some custom Brand & Website launch images for Kate to post on social media and celebrate her website launch.

Part 5: Creating the business backend strategy & designing the lead generation funnel

It takes a whole lot more than a beautiful brand and website to build a successful business that brings in leads and generates sales. As part of our work together, we advised Kate in a strategic consulting capacity on the best way to design her lead generation strategy and the recommended software to set up and integrate everything on the backend.


After considering the pros and cons between social media marketing and blogging, Kate decided as a new business to go for a mixture of both. For social media, she opted to build up her online presence on Instagram and LinkedIn as a way of positioning herself as an expert in her field. 

Kate began posting daily on Instagram and with a combination of infographic and inspirational quotes was able to organically grow her brand new Instagram account from ZERO followers to 154 followers in a span of 3 months.

We also provided Kate with custom branded templates designed in Canva that she could use in order to create a branded, cohesive experience for her audience on social media.


  • Grew brand new Instagram account from 0 to 154 followers in only 60 days
  • Even more valuably, the Taking Root Instagram account regularly receives engagement and comments on posts

Click here to follow Taking Root on Instagram

Lead Generation & Website Traffic Strategy

It was important to Kate to create a plan to build a long-term sustainable business, so to do that we implemented a way to grow her email list and a way for her to create content that would bring traffic to her website for years to come. 

We created a Blog page and Blog post template design for Kate and uploaded her first few blog posts. We also optimized her website and blog posts for SEO so that they can start to rank on Google and bring free traffic to the website. 

You can click here to read the post and learn more about the benefits of blogging to grow your online coaching business.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC RESULTS: From 0 to 645 visits/month after only 60 days of launching a brand new business website

Email List Building Strategy

Your email list is your golden ticket in the online business world. In addition to your website, it is the only marketing asset you truly own. You could have a million followers on Instagram, but you have no control over this platform. If Instagram (or Etsy, or TikTok, or Facebook etc.) shuts down your account, you have lost access to your audience. 

So, it was important for Kate to begin building her email list from the beginning.

A quiz worked as an ideal list-building strategy for Kate because people coming to her would be dealing with various symptoms and this would be a good way for her audience to feel heard, validated and receive guidance tailored to their unique situation.
Kate designed a quiz called “Find out what’s weighing you down” to help her audience discover what may be compromising their health, energy, and vitality. We set up the quiz to collect an email address on the way to the results page. As an extra value-add, Kate created an anti-inflammatory food guide to send to each person who took the quiz.

After completing the quiz, her audience is redirected to their results with customized guidance and an invitation to work together. Additionally, their email address gets added to the Taking Root email list so that they can automatically receive their quiz results via email as well. 

We integrated the quiz builder, Interact, with Kate’s email list builder (aka CRM), ConvertKit, so that subscribers automatically get added to ConvertKit after completing the quiz. After being sent their results, they are automatically subscribed to an email nurture sequence that they receive over the course of a week. 

We provided Kate with a proven copywriting template to craft this email sequence so that she could share more about the benefits of working together with her potential clients. The email sequence invites her audience to learn more and book a call. At the end of the automated email sequence, her audience automatically begins receiving her newsletter where she can send out updates about latest blog posts and program offers.

In this way, Kate is building her email list and providing value to her audience from the beginning. Now, whenever she launches a new program, she has a list of people she can market to who have already expressed interest in her offers.


  • In the 60 days since launch, Kate’s quiz has generated 34+ new email subscribers to her brand new email list without any paid advertising.
  • 48% quiz completion rate – meaning nearly half  of all people who start taking the quiz end up entering their email address and joining the Taking Root email list
  • The quiz results also allows Kate to segment her audience and deliver content customized to meet her audience exactly where they currently are in their journey to holistic health.

Client Inquiry & Booking System:

We created a custom contact form on the Taking Root website so that people could get in touch and select which service they are interested in. This allows Kate to send her calendar booking link to clients who may be a good fit to work together. 

The calendar booking link (via Acuity) has already been set up with her branding and availability so clients can easily select their time zone and choose an appointment that works best for them. 

The client then automatically receives a confirmation email with their call time and zoom link that they can add to their calendar. Voila! Hours of time saved for both Kate and the client. 

CLIENT INQUIRY RESULTS: Began receiving ideal client inquiries immediately upon website launch

Here’s a blog post outlining our general approach when it comes to creating automated backend systems for our clients. 

Ongoing Marketing Strategy Recommendations for 2023

Upon completion of our initial backend development and website launch, we’ve recommend the following ongoing marketing strategy for Taking Root:

  • 1 Weekly Blog Post
  • 1 Weekly Email newsletter sharing the blog post
  • 2-3 Weekly reels and carousel posts for Instagram sharing the blog content

We’ll plan to check back in with Kate in both 6 months and 1 year after launch to see how her business has grown!

Results from the first 60 days after launching the Taking Root Brand & Website:

  • CLIENT INQUIRIES: Began receiving ideal client inquiries immediately upon website launch
  • WEBSITE TRAFFIC: From 0 to 645 visits/month after only 60 days of launching a brand new business website
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Grew brand new Instagram account from 0 to 154 followers in only 60 days and regularly receives engagement and comments on posts
    • In the last 60 days since launch, Kate’s quiz has generated 34+ new email subscribers to her brand new email list without any paid advertising
    • 48% quiz completion rate – meaning nearly half of all people who start taking the quiz join the Taking Root email list
    • The quiz results allow Kate to segment her audience and deliver content customized to meet her audience exactly where they currently are in their journey to holistic health.

Client Testimonial:

Here’s what Kate had to say about our work together:

Click here to visit the Taking Root Website: https://takingrootforhealth.com/
Follow Taking Root on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takingrootforhealth/
Connect with Kate on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-cox-15615928/

Taking Root Testimonial Video:

“ In the first two weeks of launch, I was able to secure three new clients just from the direct result of this website.”

Hi, my name is Kate Cox and I’m a certified health coach. I reached out to Mel at the beginning of this year because I was looking for somebody who was going to help me create a brand and website design. I knew that I wanted a really polished professional website. But I had no idea how to get started myself. The technology piece was so overwhelming and outside my comfort zone. And I hadn’t even considered things like an evergreen marketing strategy, or a lead gen strategy. But working with her has given me all three of those things, a beautiful website, a marketing strategy, and a lead gen strategy all in one. 

So what I feel like I got through the process was not only a designer, but a business partner. I think the thing that I liked most about working with her is how professional and process oriented she was, there was always a clear template to follow when I was copywriting for the website or creating an email sequence or what have you. And there were always specific timelines and deadlines to meet that kept me on track and kept her on track. She was very clear from the very beginning. She was very thoughtful with her questions, she was very quick with her feedback. And I feel like she’s really good at pulling out of my head the ideas and concepts that I have that I couldn’t necessarily articulate. She had a way of helping me to get down on paper exactly what it was that I was trying to accomplish. And every suggestion she made was so thoughtful and really had my best interest in mind in the long run. 

So whether you are new at this, or just getting in just getting started, or if you have been experienced and have a website, but are looking to make it bigger, more robust and more sustainable. I cannot recommend Mel highly enough. She is a business partner. She is a consultant. And she is fantastic. I think everything about working with her was stress-free and confidence instilling. And the end result for me personally has been a website that I’m super proud of that I love disseminating to potential clients and customers that I love associating with me personally and effect a fantastic brand that I can continue to build on because I actually have the foundation for a profitable business. In the first two weeks of launch, I was able to secure three new clients just from the direct result of this website. So again, if you’re looking for somebody fabulous, Mel Judson and her team are definitely it.”


Mel Judson Design specializes in creating modern, feminine and bold brands and websites for coaches & online service providers such as therapists, naturopaths, wellness clinics, money coaches, online course creators, copywriters, and nutritionists.

If you’d like to inquire about working together in a similar fashion to receive a strategic and beautiful Brand and Website for your business, click here to reach out and share with us more details about you and your business so that we can explore if it’s a good fit to work together.

You can also email us directly at hello@meljudson.com 

If you’re looking for the most affordable options to work together, we take clients through this exact process in our DIY approach inside our Website Template Shop and provide a full library of templates for clients to implement the strategy on their own so that you can launch your business professionally. 

You can learn more about our website template shop here: https://elevatesiteshop.com/

ELEVATE SITE SHOP NOW OPEN done-for-you Luxury Wordpress Website Templates for online business owners

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