You only get ONE CHANCE to hook people when they click on the link in your Instagram bio. Make it count.


Let’s face it. 1 link just isn’t enough. Do you link to your website? Your current offer? An online training or your free guide?

And if the one link a potential client clicks on in your Insta bio doesn’t resonate with them – there goes your shot!


The current most popular solution, Linktree, is not a good solution and here’s why:

  • SACRIFICES YOUR BRANDING: The free version only has a handful of color schemes that likely do not fit your branding so you are not creating a cohesive brand experience from the get-go.
  • LINKTREE LOGO: The free version also has the linktree logo on the bottom
  • NOT YOUR OWN URL: The link to your instagram profile is a linktree link like https://linktr.ee/mel_judson - this takes away from your branding
  • NO WEBSITE PROMO: You are missing out on an opportunity to link directly to your website on your Instagram bio
  • NO GUARANTEE: Linktree links could be banned and/or marked as spam by Instagram at any time with no notice - leaving you with a broken link on your Instagram bio. This has happened before as recently as July, 2018 when Instagram temporarily recognized Linktree as against community standards.
  • NO PERSONALIZATION: Linktree doesn't give you the option to add photos or a little bio at the bottom of your links for people to get to know you more. As a service based entrepreneur - you need your personality to shine from the first interaction.
  • COSTS MONEY: The pro version of linktree allows you to customize your color scheme and add a short description in addition to some other features - for a monthly fee. As an entrepreneur every penny counts and you could be doing the same thing for FREE on your own website.
  • LOWER PAGE RANKING (HURTS YOUR SEO): Every time a person clicks the link in your Instagram bio is an opportunity to boost your own website page ranking. By using linktree, you are giving away this ranking to them instead.
  • NO ANALYTICS: 3rd Party apps like Linktree give you no easy/free way to track analytics and figure out if your links are converting. This means no data for your retargeting ads 😭

solve *all* these problems simply by hosting an Instagram Landing Page directly on your own website

THE instant Instagram Upgrade

A custom Landing Page to link in your insta bio

  • A dedicated landing page hosted on your own website that you can link to in your instagram bio
  • Up to 5 links custom designed to match your current website and brand
  • A "Get to know me" picture and bio at the bottom of the links to personalize your landing page and make you *STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD*
  • Page fully optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop so it looks PERFECT when people open it on their phone
  • Option to include your logo, navigation bar and footer on this page to further customize and showcase your brand
  • Your own custom URL to link to in your bio. Example: meljudson.com/resources or yourdomain.com/jointhetribe
  • DONE FOR YOU. All this done for you by a professional brand & web designer in a streamlined workflow. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with the info for the page and voila! Your completed landing page and link will be sent to you within 3 business days.*

*(Weekends and U.S. holidays excluded)

$197 USD


Instagram bio with linktree link - not consistent with branding and not showing off website.

At risk of linktree link being marked as spam and taken down by Instagram at any time.

Same linktree branding as everyone else - does not look professional or stand out

Missing out on SEO and page ranking improvements on your own website


Instagram bio with your website link, consistent with your brand and personalized with your bio

Contributing to SEO and improving page ranking with each click

Using your own website link that will never be marked as spam by Instagram

All your own, custom branding and no 3rd party branding anywhere

"We will forever recommend Mel & are incredibly happy with our final product! "

The process was straight forward, structured, and timely. It's clear Mel is very skilled at what she does and we felt our message and vision was conveyed perfectly.
Heather Borders
Registered Dietitian


Step 2: Once you complete your purchase, you'll be automatically redirected to a form. Complete this form with the details for your sparkly new INSTAGRAM LANDING PAGE.

Step 3: We'll create your brand new INSTAGRAM LANDING PAGE directly on your website and send you the link within 3 business days*

Step 4: Add the new link into your Insta bio and congratulate yourself on a job well done! Watch those conversions increase and those sweet, sweet sales roll in 🙂

*(Weekends and U.S. holidays excluded)

"I just wanted someone to do it for me because I was spending too much time on it."

I was DIY-ing and It didn't look put together. I would recommend Mel because the package is all inclusive, everything is beautiful, clean and easy to navigate.
Becky Vazquez
Personal Brand Storyteller & Marketer


Instagram bio with ONE website link that doesn't showcase multiple ways to connect

Link goes to most recent blog post - no offers to download guide, no info about services and no introduction section


Instagram bio with MULTIPLE CALLS TO ACTION to entice your ideal client to click on the link

Link goes to a page on YOUR WEBSITE that showcases your free resources & offers and helps your ideal client learn more about you - all hosted on your own website and in alignment with your brand

"Working with Mel is just easy."

Mel has a great eye for branding, has a very smooth work process, and meets her deadlines. It's like waiting for multiple Christmases.
Neilda Pacquing
Product Experience Consultant and VR App Developer

I know website stuff can be overwhelming and frustrating. i’m here to help.

Let’s upgrade your Instagram marketing today.


First, click here to complete your purchase of your Instagram Landing Page. From there, you’ll be directed to a form to complete with info about your new resources page.

After that, my team and I will create your page and you’ll hear back from us within 72 hours (weekend and holidays excluded.) Look forward to working with you!


I specialize in working with online entrepreneurs who are looking to share their story online in service of others. This means I work with Coaches, Bloggers (Food, Yoga, Wellness), Authors, Speakers, Artists, Digital Influencers, Registered Dietitians, Chefs, Therapists, Lawyers and basically *anyone* building a brand online.

Still not sure? Click here to get in touch and we can hop on the phone to discuss if it’s a good fit!

Click here to view some of my favorite projects! No matter what your brand is we will find the perfect design for you. We can create anything you want for your brand and website – whether you are a CPA or a non-profit, we can develop custom branding that works for you.

Of course! The landing page will be built out on your website so as long as you are already familiar with how to edit pages on your current site – you will be able to update this page as well.

The Instagram Landing Page is currently available for websites built on WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix. If your website is built using another platform, click here to get in touch and we can discuss.

I am usually booked out 4-6 weeks in advance.

I will contact you within 48 hours of receiving this contact form to schedule a free discovery call.

This service comes with one content revision for copy and image updates.

Additional content revisions and design revisions are available for an extra fee.

It is our goal to make sure you 1000% thrilled and happy with your customized Instagram Landing page.

Because this is a custom service, once Work has begun on your page we will not be able to issue any refunds. 

Email us hello (at) meljudson.com if you have any questions regarding refunds.