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Quickly adapt your brick & mortar store to the changing times and make it easy for your customers to buy from you online.

Now is the time to get your business online

Have your loyal customers been reaching out to you to support your business and buy your products and you’ve been scrambling trying to figure out how you can get up and running quickly online?

Or perhaps you have a website and some way for people to buy products, but now that you are relying on it for 100% of your sales it needs a serious upgrade.

Oh the times they are a changing! With the world staying safe at home, people are turning online to meet all of their shopping needs. And there are more options now than ever.

Your customers want to support you during these times and they are looking for a quick, easy and secure way to purchase your beloved products online and have them quickly shipped to their home or ready for easy, curbside pickup. 

And we are here to help you provide the same amazing service to your customers online as you have already been providing them offline.

FOR Brick & Mortar shops who need to get online fast


Mel Judson Branding Web Design About


I’m a branding and web design expert with 10 years of experience working with both corporate clients and small business. 

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them and scaling their business online.

Through our work together, clients have had 6 figure launches, increased their revenue by 1000%, tripled their conversion rates and built the confidence, mindset, strategy and team necessary to run a successful business online.

I am here to help you get online quickly with a website that makes sales and gets you results.


With the Get Your Business Online Service you’ll receive:


AN all-inclusive landing page for your customers to learn about your business and purchase your products.


Video tutorial for maintaining & updating your fabulous new digital home


Typo-free zone! A site full of copy that is concise, clear, and easy to understand


Full ecommerce functionality with checkout and payment system integration


All built on an easy to use dashboard so you can update as you and your business evolves


Custom graphics made *just* for you to perfectly suit your brand


Mobile/tablet optimization so that your customers can access your online store with ease from anywhere.


We will add up to 20 products of your choice (and you can easily add more at any time!)


SEO setup, email marketing integration and stock images provided


Marion earned $5k just 1 month after launching her new brand & website

"I had the absolute JOY of working with Mel on my sparkly new website.

When I met her I had a SquareSpace website that I had put together myself that honestly I was embarrassed about. It had no design features, it was very basic and really didn't serve what I was trying to create.

If you want your home on the web to feel beautiful, comfy and like an extension of you then you definitely need to talk to Mel!"
  • My new website has brought me so much confidence, I’m SO excited to share it with people and they love it.
  • What I loved most about working with Mel from our very first call was her process. I always knew where we were at, what was coming up, what was expected.
  • The timelines were so clear and it made me feel really comfortable and like I could trust her with the vision of what I was trying to create. 
  • I brought in about $5k of revenue in my first month which just blew me away. 
  • What I really love about Mel is that she held space for me to dive deep on the kind of business that I really wanted to create. 

"I would recommend Mel to any ambitious women who are ready to step into their power and serve their clients with more energy and enthusiasm."


We’ll spend 1 week working together to create your digital home

Step 1: Developing your site strategy

We'll strategize the brand, copywriting and layout for your website. This intentional planning will set you up for success in your business.

You’ll complete a brand & business survey and make a Pinterest board (everyones favorite part). 

Customize our plan for what pages you need on your site and all the elements to go along with it like products and customer reviews.

Step 2: Building your website!

Your website is coming together!

It’s happening! I’ll create a fully functioning demo version of your site to see all of your hard work in action.

We’ll review your site together and make any revisions to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your customers to easily purchase your products.

Step 3: Go LIVE and start making sales! 🥂

Your site goes live this Week! You'll receive a customized tutorial so you know exactly how to navigate, create, and add new products on your new website with ease.

We’ll go through your site together and teach you everything you need to know to update, add blog posts, add products and swap out images. 

We’ll go through some basics for driving traffic to your site and *YOU* will do something amazing and fun to celebrate your launch and fabulousness.

We’ll check back in a week after your site is live to see if you need any final changes or advice on how to keep the train running. Congrats, you did it! 

Liz's website received 11,000 views and 100 new email subscribers just 3 weeks after launching her new site

"After healing from chronic fatigue syndrome, I wanted to provide a calm, hopeful and actionable destination for other's on the road to recovery.

Mel made my vision come to life. Before I found Mel I was actually working with another web designer. I thought that by finding someone low cost I would be saving money - I was wrong. Halfway into the project (and $$$ later) it was looking more like a personal blog and I really wanted something more. 

Then a good friend told me: "You have to hire Mel."
  • Mel first began by creating a beautiful color palette. What I love about Mel is that she takes revisions and feedback and transforms it into the next level that you didn’t even think was possible. 
  • Each step of the way, Mel was a great communicator. We used her client portal for easy communication and deliverables.
  • Everyone who’s visited the site has said “It’s so calm and peaceful.”
  • I launched 3 weeks ago and already have 100 newsletter signups and 11,000 visitors.
  • Her team is also available for any maintenance updates which has given me peace of mind.
  • People with chronic fatigue syndrome has told me that my blog gives them hope and this wouldn’t be possible without the magic that is Mel.  

"Mel will deliver for you. At the final handoff she records a video and provides you with an organized packet of info with everything you need to update your site. Just go with Mel - it's the best decision you'll ever make."


1 payment of $2497 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $997

"Mel is, hands down, one of the best investments I've ever made in my business and myself."

I fumbled for years trying to create my website myself and regret not finding Mel sooner. She has saved me so much time and energy. My current website makes my mission and marketing so much clearer and has helped me grow and expand my business in ways I never expected. The investment I made continues to be helpful. The video tutorials and resources Mel gave me during our time working together have given me the ability to update my site on my own and have continued to serve me beyond our six weeks virtually meeting together.
Alex Nashton
Yoga + Meditation teacher



How improving their ecommerce websites helped these businesses increase their revenue: 

SILVER JEWELER ALLISON INCREASED HER INCOME BY 486% and 5x'd her website sales conversion rate

Meet Jeweler Allison and hear her inspiring journey of how she’s been able to:

  • Increase her sales 486% increase from First Quarter last year (and there’s still 7 weeks left in the quarter!!!)
  • Implement a kick ass Facebook ads strategy that drove 35% of her revenue during her holiday sale and 33.3% of her Valentine’s Day sales
  • 5x increase in website sales conversion rate
  • Started posting on IG stories regularly, increasing her brand awareness and driving sales
  • Became more clear and confident in her messaging and used this clarity to generate two kickass and high-converting email marketing campaigns
  • Optimized her website to drive email list signups and decrease abandoned cart rate

Engagement Ring Jeweler Family business Rosie + Will hired a team & made in a month what they used to make in a year

  • Meet Will and hear his inspiring journey of how he’s been able to:

    • Increase sales over 450% to make in a month what they used to make in a year
    • Hire 2 employees and develop a company culture
    • Had their biggest month EVER and on track to crush their “reach for the stars” annual sales goal
    • Gained confidence as a CEO in the business with systems in place to track time, employee resources time, finances, leads and measure the results of marketing
    • Implemented new revenue channels and marketing channels
    • Developed client tracking system and database to better serve customers and create recurring revenue opportunities
    • Mastered his time management in order to maximize creative output


1 payment of $2497 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $997


First, click here and fill out the form to get in touch with me. From there, we’ll set up a complementary discovery call to explore what you’re looking to create and how we can best work together.

After that, I’ll send along a Work Agreement and an Invoice to hold your spot.

Then, you’ll get a Welcome Packet with instructions for how you can get started right away!

Absolutely! Fill out this form to get in touch and we’ll schedule a call. After deciding to work together, you can complete the Work Agreement and 25% deposit to hold your spot. 

We can work around your schedule and get started at any predetermined date in the future!

This service is specifically for ecommerce business – so any business with a product they would like to sell online.

Click here to view some of my favorite projects! No matter what your brand is we will find the perfect design for you. We can create anything you want for your brand and website – whether you are a CPA or a non-profit, we can develop custom branding that works for you.

You can pay in either one or three installments via credit card or Paypal. We’re happy to offer a payment option through PayPal credit so we can start working together right away. You pay nothing today. You have no payments and zero interest for 6 months. 

All my websites are built using WordPress with the GeneratePress theme and the Elementor page builder. 

The Pro versions of both GeneratePress and Elementor are included in your package at no extra charge.

All sites are fully customized using coding and design skills.

I recommend SiteGround for all hosting and domain needs, but can use whatever hosting you already have set up (Bluehost, GoDaddy etc.) 

I recommend ConvertKit for email marketing needs, but can work with whatever you already have set up (Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.)

For other softwares, we’ll use the ones you already have set up or I will recommend platforms based on your unique needs.

I use WordPress because it is the most powerful and flexible platform. I am able to take full advantage of the platform capabilities with my programming and coding knowledge.

There are plenty of other perfectly good platforms like Squarespace and Wix that are great for many different purposes. I prefer WordPress because I am an expert in this platform and my experience allows me to build you a perfectly customized site

Short answer, YES! WordPress is right for most small to medium sized businesses and online entrepreneurs. Don’t worry, my custom training video shows you why WordPress is your friend. It makes posting new content as easy as sending an email!

The only time I don’t recommend WordPress is if you want to create your site by yourself and you don’t have any experience. In that case, a drag and drop program like Squarespace or Wix will be best for you.

Having a website live on the internet comes with the following standard costs that are separate from the package above:

  1.  Domain: ~$12/year depending on your provider
  2. Hosting: ~$5-12/month depending on your provider
  3. Email Marketing: ~$0-30/month depending on your provider
  4. Calendar Booking: ~$0-30/month depending on your provider

"In the last three days, I've had 2 people say to me that they are sending me business because of my website."

"Mel Judson, my web designer, knows what she is doing. I recently redid my website, and it went live a few weeks ago and I thought that since I'm an attorney, no one cares about my website and I just needed something that's functional and pretty and not DIY.

How wrong I was! In the last 3 days, I've had two people - one client and one referral partner - say to me that they are sending me business because of my website. Good God, I love you Mel.
  • Mel helped me create copy that converts.
  • A current client of mine read the copy which Mel helped me draft out and he said ‘It was like you were speaking to me.’ And because of that I was the type of attorney he wanted to work with.
  • I literally just received an email from someone saying my website is fabulous. How many attorneys out there get people telling them their websites are fabulous?!

"My website is damn fabulous. It was made by Mel Judson and ya'll should use her."


"The process was straight forward, structured, and timely. It's clear Mel is very skilled at what she does and we felt our message and vision was conveyed perfectly."
Heather Borders

Now is the time to get your business going online

1 payment of $2497 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $997

Kristi's business has grown exponentially since launching her new site. She now has an efficient process for attracting new leads and bringing in new clients.

When Certified Functional Wellness Coach Kristi started her business, she taught herself WordPress and set up her own website.

She found herself pouring hours and hours into her website and getting frustrated that she wasn't able to do all of the things that she wanted to do. 

Kristi says "When I reached the point in my business where I was ready to rebrand and have a more professional online presence, I reached out to Mel. It was clear from our very first conversation that she understood the needs of an online coach and entrepreneur."
  • I feel so good about having a website and brand that is authentic to me, true to who I am and true to the mission that I have in the world. I have a website that I can be proud and confident of sending my clients and prospects to.
  • Mel took the time to get to know me and my business needs and the entire process could not have been any more seamless or efficient. She has all of the systems in place to make it so easy. 
  • Not only is Mel efficient, organized and timely, but also she’s a fun, sparkling personality and is a joy to work with. 
  • Mel takes care of all the technology so that I can focus on my clients and the part of my business where I want to spend my time. 

"I am absolutely confident that if you work with her you will love the process and you will have an amazing brand and online presence that you can be proud of and that will help you to grow your business."

Congrats on taking the first step towards ecommerce freedom!

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Nice Work! It’s time for us to get started on your ecommerce site.

Please complete the form below. Click the green “Submit” button in order to view and complete the contract. After completing the contract, you’ll be able to view and complete the invoice and then we’ll get started!

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