What my dreamy, rockstar clients have to say about how working together has created success in their life and business.

Branding & Website Client Results

Marion earned $5k just 1 month after launching her new brand & website

"I had the absolute JOY of working with Mel on my sparkly new website.

When I met her I had a SquareSpace website that I had put together myself that honestly I was embarrassed about. It had no design features, it was very basic and really didn't serve what I was trying to create.

If you want your home on the web to feel beautiful, comfy and like an extension of you then you definitely need to talk to Mel!"

~Marion Piper, Copywriter, Illustrator and Creativity Coach based in Melbourne, Australia
  • My new website has brought me so much confidence, I’m SO excited to share it with people and they love it.
  • What I loved most about working with Mel from our very first call was her process. I always knew where we were at, what was coming up, what was expected.
  • The timelines were so clear and it made me feel really comfortable and like I could trust her with the vision of what I was trying to create. 
  • I brought in about $5k of revenue in my first month which just blew me away. 
  • What I really love about Mel is that she held space for me to dive deep on the kind of business that I really wanted to create. 

"I would recommend Mel to any ambitious women who are ready to step into their power and serve their clients with more energy and enthusiasm."

Christine's traffic has never been higher, she has people calling her offices every single day from all over the country to sign up to work with her team of coaches and join her certification program.

"We are so grateful to have worked with Mel, working with her was such a dream come true. I wanted so much to find someone who could create this epically gorgeous website that also had a lot of strategy, someone who would do the design AND technical side and help guide us to strategically map out content for each page that would allow us to serve as many people as possible. 

We have a full, flourishing practice locally and we were ready to really expand beyond our local community and go global and Mel was the perfect person to help us with this. "

~Christine Eartheart, Founder of Center for Thriving Relationships
  • This website has allowed us to feel even more proud of the work we do in that it really represents the quality of services, support, and love that we want to offer people.
  • When people reach out to us for support it’s a really big deal and it’s really important for them to know that they can really trust the person that is going to be supporting them and thanks to Mel and her team people realize the care and expertise that we bring as soon as they land on our website. 

"We fell in love with working with Mel from the very beginning because she was so warm, kind and caring every step of the way. And the structure, format, and process of working together is so masterfully designed to hold us through the whole process and we are utterly thrilled with the end result, it has exceeded our expectations."

Liz's website received 11,000 views and 100 new email subscribers just 3 weeks after launching her new site

"After healing from chronic fatigue syndrome, I wanted to provide a calm, hopeful and actionable destination for other's on the road to recovery.

Mel made my vision come to life. Before I found Mel I was actually working with another web designer. I thought that by finding someone low cost I would be saving money - I was wrong. Halfway into the project (and $$$ later) it was looking more like a personal blog and I really wanted something more. 

Then a good friend told me: "You have to hire Mel."

~Liz C., Health and Wellness Blogger & Advocate based in California
  • Mel first began by creating a beautiful color palette. What I love about Mel is that she takes revisions and feedback and transforms it into the next level that you didn’t even think was possible. 
  • Each step of the way, Mel was a great communicator. We used her client portal for easy communication and deliverables.
  • Everyone who’s visited the site has said “It’s so calm and peaceful.”
  • I launched 3 weeks ago and already have 100 newsletter signups and 11,000 visitors.
  • Her team is also available for any maintenance updates which has given me peace of mind.
  • People with chronic fatigue syndrome has told me that my blog gives them hope and this wouldn’t be possible without the magic that is Mel.  

"Mel will deliver for you. At the final handoff she records a video and provides you with an organized packet of info with everything you need to update your site. Just go with Mel - it's the best decision you'll ever make."

"Mel is, hands down, one of the best investments I've ever made in my business and myself."

I fumbled for years trying to create my website myself and regret not finding Mel sooner. She has saved me so much time and energy. My current website makes my mission and marketing so much clearer and has helped me grow and expand my business in ways I never expected.

The investment I made continues to be helpful. The video tutorials and resources Mel gave me during our time working together have given me the ability to update my site on my own and have continued to serve me beyond our six weeks virtually meeting together.
Alex Nashton
Yoga + Meditation teacher

Kristi's business has grown exponentially since launching her new site now that she has an efficient process for attracting new leads & bringing in new clients.

When Certified Functional Wellness Coach Kristi started her business, she taught herself WordPress and set up her own website.

She found herself pouring hours and hours into her website and getting frustrated that she wasn't able to do all of the things that she wanted to do. 

Kristi says "When I reached the point in my business where I was ready to rebrand and have a more professional online presence, I reached out to Mel. It was clear from our very first conversation that she understood the needs of an online coach and entrepreneur."
  • I feel so good about having a website and brand that is authentic to me, true to who I am and true to the mission that I have in the world. I have a website that I can be proud and confident of sending my clients and prospects to.
  • Mel took the time to get to know me and my business needs and the entire process could not have been any more seamless or efficient. She has all of the systems in place to make it so easy. 
  • Not only is Mel efficient, organized and timely, but also she’s a fun, sparkling personality and is a joy to work with. 
  • Mel takes care of all the technology so that I can focus on my clients and the part of my business where I want to spend my time. 

"I am absolutely confident that if you work with her you will love the process and you will have an amazing brand and online presence that you can be proud of and that will help you to grow your business."

"In the last three days, I've had 2 people say to me that they are sending me business because of my website."

"Mel Judson, my web designer, knows what she is doing. I recently redid my website, and it went live a few weeks ago and I thought that since I'm an attorney, no one cares about my website and I just needed something that's functional and pretty and not DIY.

How wrong I was! In the last 3 days, I've had two people - one client and one referral partner - say to me that they are sending me business because of my website. Good God, I love you Mel.

~Bonnie Galam, Attorney, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur
  • Mel helped me create copy that converts.
  • A current client of mine read the copy which Mel helped me draft out and he said ‘It was like you were speaking to me.’ And because of that I was the type of attorney he wanted to work with.
  • I literally just received an email from someone saying my website is fabulous. How many attorneys out there get people telling them their websites are fabulous?!

"My website is damn fabulous. It was made by Mel Judson and ya'll should use her."




"The process was straight forward, structured, and timely. It's clear Mel is very skilled at what she does and we felt our message and vision was conveyed perfectly."
Heather Borders

"Mel not only created a website and branding package for me, she also coached me by imparting many things she knew about building a business."

Before working with Mel, I was struggling with trying to set up a website that looked cohesive and communicated who I was to my readers and potential clients was beyond my abilities. I needed someone who could take my vision and make it a reality! Now, I love my website. Everything about it captures my vision and my personality and what I had hoped it would look like. My website sets me apart from the pack and positions me as a professional and an expert in my niche.
Mary Gallagher

"I now have a website + branding that clearly shows off my skills and value to my clients."

"Mel is super collaborative. She really thinks about how all the pieces fit together to form the whole package. When I needed to redesign my website from the ground up, she considered both the technical and design aspects as she and I worked on the branding. She's got a great eye, is easy to collaborate with, and comes to the table with ideas of her own to make the work happen."
Ratana Testimonial



Business Coaching Client Results


Through our work together, Kri was able to 4x her income to hit $30k high months, hire a team to support her and launch her signature group program to amplify her impact.
  • Before our work together, Kri felt like she was in over her head.
  • When Kri came to us, she was working A LOT to serve her clients. Sometimes even til 4am and she was struggling to scale her business.
  • After just 4 months of working together, Kri hired a team, expanded her offerings and created time and freedom in her business. Now she finally has time to implement all those ideas that have been hanging around on her “someday” list.
  • Now she travels around the world working with VIP clients while her team supports her business.

SILVER JEWELER ALLISON INCREASED HER INCOME BY 486% and 5x'd her website sales conversion rate

Meet Jeweler Allison and hear her inspiring journey of how she’s been able to:

  • Increase her sales 486% increase from First Quarter last year (and there’s still 7 weeks left in the quarter!!!)
  • Implement a kick ass Facebook ads strategy that drove 35% of her revenue during her holiday sale and 33.3% of her Valentine’s Day sales
  • 5x increase in website sales conversion rate
  • Started posting on IG stories regularly, increasing her brand awareness and driving sales
  • Became more clear and confident in her messaging and used this clarity to generate two kickass and high-converting email marketing campaigns
  • Optimized her website to drive email list signups and decrease abandoned cart rate

Meet Business Mentor Franzi and hear her inspiring journey of how she's been able to:

  • Completely overhaul her business model to get clear on her niche and transition into business coaching

  • Develop systems and structure in her business to allow her to grow her business with ease and flow

  • Launch and book out her signature high-ticket coaching program

  • Get booked for on stage speaking gigs

  • Build out her team to scale with spaciousness and confidence

Engagement Ring Jeweler Will hired a team & made in a month what he used to make in a year.

  • Meet Will and hear his inspiring journey of how he’s been able to:

    • Increase sales over 450% to make in a month what they used to make in a year
    • Hire 2 employees and develop a company culture
    • Had their biggest month EVER and on track to crush their “reach for the stars” annual sales goal
    • Gained confidence as a CEO in the business with systems in place to track time, employee resources time, finances, leads and measure the results of marketing
    • Implemented new revenue channels and marketing channels
    • Developed client tracking system and database to better serve customers and create recurring revenue opportunities
    • Mastered his time management in order to maximize creative output

Meet Writer, Biz mentor & Storyteller Ai-Mei Nguyen and hear her inspiring journey of how she's been able to:

  • Got laser focused on her messaging and discovered her ideal client.
  • Created more time and space for creativity, showing up consistently and as a result generated twice her income
  • Connected with an amazing sisterhood!!
  • Discovered her most authentic voice.
  • Stepped into her leadership
  • Launched a FB Community and connected with her vibe tribe.
  • Learned how to build a real business with systems and using business strategy!

Meet Copywriter & Storyteller Georgina and hear her inspiring journey of how she's been able to:

  • Get clarity on the type of business she wanted to create
  • Launch her Facebook Community to speak to her Ideal Client
  • Map out an entirely new sales funnel designed to CONVERT
  • Confidently start sharing her message consistently online
  • AND started building out her team.


"Today I was at the beach, doing my affirmations and working on my client codes and when I got back a perfect, ideal client was waiting for me in my inbox. All because of the step-by-step inner work through the program"

Before our work together, Maddison had no website and wasn’t ready to launch her fitness coaching business.

After just 3 months of working together, Maddison was able to implement our marketing strategies to get her ideal clients reaching out to HER (instead of the other way around) and finally launch a beautifully designed website she can be proud of. 



"Mel dives into your business as if it were her own."

"It's a truly beautiful experience to work with Mel. She's not only super professional, but also she dives into your business as if it were her own. I love her 'no fluff' work ethic and the way she guides you through the process. She supports you even (and especially) when you feel a bit of resistance. Mel 100% knows what she is doing. She's structured, she's caring and she truly roots for you and you can feel it in working with her every step of the way."
Franziska Steiner
Business Mentor



A few more happy website clients for good measure 😉 

"We're able to confidently drive clients to our site."

I would absolutely recommend Mel because our site looks great and is in alignment with what else is happening in the marketplace. As a result, our collateral finally matched the quality of our product, and we're able to confidently drive clients to our site. My favorite part about working with Mel is that she gave us a video tutorial about how to use and update the site that was super helpful.
Gillian Bellinger
BIZ Development DIRECTOR

"As a direct result of working with Mel I was able to make more sales and increase revenue for my company right away."

"I worked with Mel to build websites for various TV shows and I was truly impressed with her extremely wide range of design aesthetics that always expanded to fit the needs of my brand. She was professional, friendly and prompt with her work and each time delivered above and beyond my expectations for the project. My favorite part of working with Mel is how truly easy and smooth the process of building a website was when working with her. She made sure that we both had fun AND got results while working together. Really one of the best designers out there and I can't recommend her highly enough."
Katie Labrie
Development Executive

"Mel crafts unique and intuitive solutions"

“Mel is a keen designer with an astounding ability to find an elegant solution to the design problems I present her. She is professional and reliable with her work. Taking the time and care to study the world surrounding each project, she crafts unique and intuitive solutions that fit perfectly.”
Mary Doodles

"Mel's designs vibe perfectly with her clients"

"Mel has a great eye for creating designs that work perfectly with the vibe of her clients. She has excellent range and the rare ability to utilize that range to make choices that fit seamlessly into the project she’s been hired onto. Top notch work!"
Lloyd Ahlquist
Digital Influencer

"Mel delivered the site on time with some extra functionality"

“Mel was great to work with. She carefully and thoughtfully laid out exactly what we could expect. Additionally, her ability to deliver the site on time and with some extra functionality was amazing. My favorite part of working with Mel was her ability to understand what I wanted and provide a step or two past that. She was great at meeting our needs and on time. As a result I was able to provide attractive and informed advertising to clients. You will not regret working with Mel. She is, simply put, outstanding!”
aaron headshot
Aaron Krebs

"Mel's work is vibrant, smart & gracefully edgy"

"Mel's work stood out to me immediately as refreshing, vibrant, smart and gracefully edgy. Her design work was well-reflected and complimented by her shining personality. She saw everything through with great detail and accuracy.  I am honored to recommend her to anyone who may be looking for a positive influence on their company, brand, and life!"
Holly Huntley



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