What my dreamy, rockstar clients have to say about working together.

"Mel is, hands down, one of the best investments I've ever made in my business and myself."

I fumbled for years trying to create my website myself and regret not finding Mel sooner. She has saved me so much time and energy. My current website makes my mission and marketing so much clearer and has helped me grow and expand my business in ways I never expected. The investment I made continues to be helpful. The video tutorials and resources Mel gave me during our time working together have given me the ability to update my site on my own and have continued to serve me beyond our six weeks virtually meeting together.
Alex Nashton
Yoga + Meditation teacher

"I now have a website + branding that clearly shows off my skills and value to my clients."

"Mel is super collaborative. She really thinks about how all the pieces fit together to form the whole package. When I needed to redesign my website from the ground up, she considered both the technical and design aspects as she and I worked on the branding. She's got a great eye, is easy to collaborate with, and comes to the table with ideas of her own to make the work happen."
Ratana Testimonial

"We're able to confidently drive clients to our site."

I would absolutely recommend Mel because our site looks great and is in alignment with what else is happening in the marketplace. As a result, our collateral finally matched the quality of our product, and we're able to confidently drive clients to our site. My favorite part about working with Mel is that she gave us a video tutorial about how to use and update the site that was super helpful.
Gillian Bellinger
BIZ Development DIRECTOR

"As a direct result of working with Mel I was able to make more sales and increase revenue for my company right away."

"I worked with Mel to build websites for various TV shows and I was truly impressed with her extremely wide range of design aesthetics that always expanded to fit the needs of my brand. She was professional, friendly and prompt with her work and each time delivered above and beyond my expectations for the project. My favorite part of working with Mel is how truly easy and smooth the process of building a website was when working with her. She made sure that we both had fun AND got results while working together. Really one of the best designers out there and I can't recommend her highly enough."
Katie Labrie
Development Executive

"Mel crafts unique and intuitive solutions"

“Mel is a keen designer with an astounding ability to find an elegant solution to the design problems I present her. She is professional and reliable with her work. Taking the time and care to study the world surrounding each project, she crafts unique and intuitive solutions that fit perfectly.”
Mary Doodles

"Mel's remarkable talent has set me apart in my industry"

“Mel produced not only my website and logo, but also established my entire brand with a product that blew me away. She was a joy to work with, with an ease in communication and extremely prompt in responding to issues. Her remarkable talent has set me apart in my industry, with colleagues constantly asking me for her contact information which I can’t wait to share!”
Dr. Josie Ahlquist

"Mel has her shit well and truly together."

"Mel's business advice was an unexpected delight. She's not just a web designer - she is ALSO an entrepreneur, and she'll share her secrets. This is what makes her so very worth it. My new website is gorgeous, totally me, and my web presence is 1,000% more professional. You have really rocked my world, I'm so happy I hired you"
Mel Judson Katherine Testimonial
Katherine Karaus

"Mel's designs vibe perfectly with her clients"

"Mel has a great eye for creating designs that work perfectly with the vibe of her clients. She has excellent range and the rare ability to utilize that range to make choices that fit seamlessly into the project she’s been hired onto. Top notch work!"
Lloyd Ahlquist
Digital Influencer

"Mel delivered the site on time with some extra functionality"

“Mel was great to work with. She carefully and thoughtfully laid out exactly what we could expect. Additionally, her ability to deliver the site on time and with some extra functionality was amazing. My favorite part of working with Mel was her ability to understand what I wanted and provide a step or two past that. She was great at meeting our needs and on time. As a result I was able to provide attractive and informed advertising to clients. You will not regret working with Mel. She is, simply put, outstanding!”
aaron headshot
Aaron Krebs

"Mel's work is vibrant, smart & gracefully edgy"

"Mel's work stood out to me immediately as refreshing, vibrant, smart and gracefully edgy. Her design work was well-reflected and complimented by her shining personality. She saw everything through with great detail and accuracy.  I am honored to recommend her to anyone who may be looking for a positive influence on their company, brand, and life!"
Holly Huntley


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