How I Manifested Moving to Taiwan with the Man of My Dreams

Everything I have done, directly or indirectly, in the last year has led to this moment.  It is absolutely surreal to be writing this from my 12th floor apartment in Kaoshiung, a city in Southern Taiwan. The balcony doors are open and the fall breeze is blowing in, faraway sounds from the port are wafting in, as well as the occasional laughter from kids in the park below.  I’m looking out onto mountains in the distance, dotted with buddhist temples and trees turning bright red and orange for autumn.  The smell of dumplings and sesame oil wafts in as I’m … Read more

Learning to Love without Labels

I am in a relationship with someone who is not my boyfriend. Or my husband. Or my partner. At least, I don’t call him any of those things. I don’t call him anything, in fact. The closest thing I have gotten to a “label” for this person is that he is my essential human. My calming lavender oil. My sage cleanse. Life is so much more delicious with him around, but I can live and thrive without him. That’s not to say it isn’t the deepest, purest and truest of loves. Because it is. We’ve been together for about 8 … Read more

Falling in Love Almost Ruined My Business

There’s something I haven’t been honest with you about. Actually, I feel like I have been lying to you for months. But now, I’m going to share the full story. The truth is – 8 months ago I fell in love. And I fell HARD. Yep, with that cutie you see kissing my cheek in the picture 😍 I’m gonna get the meet-cute story over with cuz I know you’ll be wondering about all the juicy deets for the rest of this post and I want you to stay focused on the point. We met in October in Lisbon, Portugal … Read more


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