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Learning to Love without Labels

I am in a relationship with someone who is not my boyfriend. Or my husband. Or my partner. At least, I don’t call him any of those things. I don’t call him anything, in fact. The closest thing I have gotten to a “label” for this person is that he

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Falling in Love Almost Ruined My Business

There’s something I haven’t been honest with you about. Actually, I feel like I have been lying to you for months. But now, I’m going to share the full story. The truth is – 8 months ago I fell in love. And I fell HARD. Yep, with that cutie you

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Starting Over at Age 30

This week I celebrate my 31st birthday and one entire year of traveling full-time. I am writing this from a plane somewhere over Mexico, on my way to Peru to climb Machu Picchu with my sister. When I set out to run my business while traveling the world exactly one

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What is a Brand Board and Why Your Business Needs One

Brand board? Mood board? Color palette? Design can be like another language, especially when you are DIYing it and sifting through loads of Pinspiration to try to pin down a brand strategy that is as fabulous and authentically you as, well, YOU. There are 3 main elements that make up

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3 Most Common Branding Mistakes

Hey there sparkly business owner! My guess is you’ve landed here because you are trying to piece together how to create a fabulous brand that will stand out from the crowd and get your business *noticed* by clients ready to open their wallets! The good news, you are already WAY

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