Initial Site Questionnaire

Only your name and email address are required. However, please provide as much information as you can in your answers to the questions below. This can be helpful in clarifying your own ideas while helping us to understand your needs and provide a better estimate of timing and costs for your website.

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Describe the event/business/organization which you are seeking to build a website for.

Do you already have a website or some other kind of online presence? If so, please provide links.

Who is your target audience?

What action(s) do you hope your audience will take as a result of engaging with your website?

What is the first thing you want a website visitor to understand about you/your company when they visit your homepage?

What are 3-4 key concepts you want a website visitor to understand within the first five minutes of their visit?

What specific pages and sub-pages do you have in mind that you will need?

Beyond content pages, do you expect you will need any of the following functionality?
 blog image slideshow image gallery contact form secure online payments shopping cart custom product/item database podcast event calendar message board/forum

How do you want your website to display for mobile users (smartphones, etc.)?
 a separate theme designed for mobile users optimize the new design for mobile browsers mobile users see the same site not sure...let's talk more about this

How do you anticipate visitors will make their way to your website? (search engines, social media, printed literature, word of mouth, etc.)

Do you already have any design assets in place? (Colors, logo, style guide, etc.)

What look and feel would you like the website to have?
(It is especially helpful if you provide links to other websites that you like.)

Where will the content for your site come from?

Will you need basic training for managing your sites content with Wordpress?

What is the target launch date for your site?

What is your approximate budget for your website?

How did you find me?

What do you want to tell me that I didn't ask about?

Thank you, we’ll be contacting you shortly!

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