mel judson vloggingI am a Production Designer, artist and Youtuber living and working in Los Angeles.

For more info about my production design, please visit my portfolio here: www.melissajudson.com

I identify with the entrepreneurial spirit and LOVE working with small businesses. In fact, I have recently worked as the Creative Director for Yoyo Chinese, a small company teaching Chinese online through video lessons & digital resources.

Most of my time is spent creating and customizing successful production designs for a variety of clients. My design services have been enjoyed by such high profile YouTube channels as Epic Rap Battles of History, Nice Peter, Epic Lloyd, The Fine Brothers and Mary Doodles, collectively over 25 million subscribers and 3 billion views. 

I also love making Youtube videos about life and art. I try to offer some perspective on how I see the world, maybe a few inspirational quotes here and there and some fun art project tutorials.

Check out some of my videos here.

A little about my life – I grew up in Concord, MA and my favorite subjects in school were art and Mandarin Chinese. I loved Chinese so much that I graduated from high school early in order to do volunteer work in China for a few months before heading off to college.

I went to Cornell University where I chose a different major every semester. Super major bonus points if you can guess what they were!!! I also became part of an amazing community called Risley that helped me “discover myself.” During my sophomore year I moved to sunny Los Angeles and transferred to UCLA where I joined Kappa Delta sorority and graduated with a B.A. in Asian Humanities. Which means what? I don’t know…still trying to figure that one out.

mel judson chinaWhile I was at UCLA I studied abroad in Kunming, China where I lived in rural villages doing research on the preservation of Chinese ethnic minorities. I lived in places that had little to no running water and electricity and I completed daily tasks such as slaughtering chickens, harvesting corn, weaving on a loom, carrying a baby on my back everywhere I went, peeing on the regular in a hole in the ground and bathing bi-weekly with all the village ladies in a natural hot spring. I wrote a thing about this whole experience and it got published, woohoo!

I have spent the past few years since graduating trying to figure out what my life is going to “be” and am now starting to realize that life is right now and only right now so get out there and live it!

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