Waterlogged Sailor to Titillating Turquoise!

Today I took a tired, old and out of date sailor dress and turned it into the perfect trendy and turquoise summer outfit!

My friend got this dress a few years ago when the big, square sailor collar was in style.  It was cute until one day when some mysterious brown stains appeared!  I just loved the blue trim around the collar and couldn’t give this dress up so I decided to give it a second lease on life!

This dated frock makes me look like a little porcelain doll.

And a close-up of the stains

So the first thing to do was dye this dress to get rid of the nasty stains.  I bought a bottle of Rit dye in teal and prepped the washer by filling it with hot water and 2 cups of salt.

Rit dye in teal and a measuring cup for salt.

I wanted the most vibrant teal/turquoise color possible so I dumped the entire bottle into the wash.  I pre-wet the dress with warmed water and dropped it in once the dye bath was fully mixed.

In with the old, out with the new!

I was VERY happy with the end result.  The perfect, vibrant teal.  The only thing left to do was remove that navy blue bow in the front and accessorize with a belt and I was ready to hit the town!

le fin :)